what actually is an constructive dismissal claim

unfair dismissal claims occurs where an employer has acted in a serious breach of contract that warrants the employee to resign as a form of response to such breach. Such an employee has the right to treat himself as having been dismissed and such employer’s conduct is regarded as a repudiatory breach.

The constructive dismissal is also called constructive discharge or constructive termination and it accrues where such termination was not really voluntary but as a form of response to the employer’s conduct. The legal repercussion of such constructive dismissal claim varies from one country to the other. The general implication of the constructive dismissal claim is that the obligation of the employee must have ended and as such it gives a reasonable ground for a legal action against the employer with a employment lawyer london.

The major prerequisite for this sort of action is simply that the employee must have ended his obligation with the employer and subsequently seek some sort of legal action. According to the united states law, for an action in constructive dismissal to be valid it must be proved that the employer deduced some new employment policies that any reasonable employee in the shoes of the employee would have opposed at any given point in time.